Gauteng Wedding Photographer Kenosis Photography is based in Vanderbijlpark and consider themselves as photographic storytellers, combining Fine Art with Photojournalism. They believe we all have some sort of story to tell and we all are living the story of life. One day when we look back we would like to remember that story or tell it to our children and grandchildren. Kenosis are well equipped with people that has a passion for art and photography and their job is to tell your story, capturing the memories of life so that it would last forever.

A wedding photojournalist is a person who takes photographs during a wedding using an alternative approach where images are captured spontaneously to emphasize moments and emotion. With a passion in their hearts and more than 10 years experience in the wedding industry, they believe that every project is unique and has a unique story. Because they love people, they find it easy to work with people from all walks of life and they always strive to make you comfortable while they do their job. Their aim is to make your special day or event a priority, and through professional photography skills they will make sure that they capture every moment. They would love to tell your story through a unique style so that your moments will be remembered for generations to come!


Vendor Category: Wedding Photographers
Price Range: Moderate
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Province we serve: Gauteng
Prepared to travel: Yes
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Kenosis Photography

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South Africa


PHONE: 0169322397

ADDRESS: 6A Delius Street, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa

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