Pumla & Zani

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I guess his vision of proposing to me on a sun-kissed beach started crumbling!

How did you meet?
A few friends we knew from Wits university, organised a braai at Innesfree Park for all the alumnus and through a series of events, we started talking and realised we lived in the same suburb. Our first phone call led to a few dates and before I knew it – we were a couple.

How did he propose?
Zani’s family has a place in Cencane, a very picturesque spot in the Wild Coast close to where the river and the ocean meet. Zani had organised for two couples, our very close friends, to come out and spend the weekend with us. But I didn’t know that he was secretly planning to propose to me on the Saturday morning, unfortunately it started raining and I guess his vision of proposing to me on a sun-kissed beach started crumbling! Luckily, he had some help from my friend Tumi and together they devised a new plan. We were going to the beach, rain or no rain. As she put it, “We aren’t tourists, we’re explorers!” The staff at Wavecrest hotel, which is close to his family home, were very helpful as they organised rain coats for us and we all set off to the boats. Once we crossed over the river to the beach, he very romantically got down on one knee and proposed.

Give us a short description of the wedding day
Our traditional wedding day was a melting pot of South African culture, love and family. In the morning Zani’s delegation came through to complete the lobola negotiations. The weather was still very dreary, as it had rained quite heavily the previous day, but it didn’t damper our happiness. We were very excited as this was the day the groom would be welcomed into my family, we would all break bread together and exchange gifts to cement the bond between our families.

If you could change one thing about your wedding day, what would it be?
Zani and I wished that both our grandmothers respectively, Mama Molope and Mama Serobe were still alive to share that  special day with us. But other than that we were very happy with how the day turned out as we both felt that they were smiling down on us.

What were your highlights of the day?
We both have the same highlight – the moment when the two families met at the gate and began competing in song. That’s the one moment you can’t plan instead you just have to see how it plays out! Thankfully it was beautiful as that sets the tone and ambiance for the day. It was so special.

What are your honeymoon plans?
 Zani is keeping the honeymoon destination a surprise but we will only be going on honeymoon after the church wedding.

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