Mbali & Ainsley

by May 21, 20130 comments

A beautiful love story

What started as a friendly flirting session on the rooftop of a popular hotel in Dubai, where they both live, has grown into a beautiful love story. Mbali and Ainsley are the perfect modern, cosmopolitan couple.

While they may be living an international lifestyle, Ainsley went the traditional route for the proposal, having the ring delivered in Mbali’s dessert after a lovely meal at the then highest restaurant in Dubai. With Ainsley on one knee and the entire restaurant waiting with bated breath, Mbali said yes. And so began their wedding plans.

They decided to spice up the traditional ‘something old, new, borrowed and blue’ to ‘something cool, anything funky and have fun and behave like a naughty monkey’. Mbali wore cool Louboutin shoes, funky blue diamond-encrusted earrings and danced the night away with their guests from around the world.

Mbali’s most special moment of the day was being walked down the aisle by her son and seeing her knight in shining armour in the beautiful garden where they were married. It is a memory that neither of them will ever forget. The entire day was filled with love and happiness, with all of their dearest surrounding them.

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