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Simple but Beautiful Wedding

This wedding was sent to us by a very talented photographer, Ruan of Ruan Redelinghuys Photograpy. Mariska and Edmud were married on 27 October in George. This wedding captured our attention for the green natural surroundings, the simple but beautiful wedding decor and the very photogenic bride and groom. Thank you for the pictures Ruan!

Where are you and Edmund from?
I am originally from George, Edmund is from Paarl but for the past few years we have been living in Albertinia. Because of our jobs we now live in George.

Where and how did the two of you meet?
We have known each other since forever. We use to go to the same church, in the different districts. I was a lead-singer and he was a musician. The chemistry and conversation started when we would meet at church conferences and youth get-togethers.  I didn’t know he had a crush on me,  he tried  ignoring his feelings for me but now almost seven years later, I know that he was digging me all that time!

Now that I am married to him, I’m loving every second of it especially his companionship. The other day we sat down and had a very deep discussion on how serious this commitment to each other is and how we will grow old together!  Our marriage principles are based on the bible and that we put God first.

How did Edmund propose?
We had informal chats about getting engaged and eventually getting married and starting a family.  In 2009 the man proposed. We dated for 2 and half years then. He proposed on a Sunday afternoon. Out of the blue he packed our beach towels and sun block and a picnic basket with a bottle of champagne and other goodies. I knew something was up because our beach days are normally informal with something light to snack on the way.

We went to a quiet beach and he proposed in the traditional style on his knees. Today we are still celebrating our lives together.

Can you give us a short description of the wedding day?
We were married on 27 October 2012 on a beautiful summer day. The last week of planning and preparations was devastating but on the day of the  wedding I just gave a sigh of relief because it was the most touching, Godly day.  It was a beautiful, elegant and stunning celebration. I sincerely appreciate our photographer and videographer because they were able to create capture the beauty on camera.

 What was the highlight for you and Edmund on your wedding day?
We had a beautiful decorated reception venue, church ceremony, cake, bridesmaids, guests, everything was so touching…. And it all started with our elegant wedding invitations.

What were the honeymoon plans?
Our initial plan was to spent honeymoon time at Club Mykonos  on the West Coast, however, we decided to postpone our honeymoon to the December holidays. We spent our wedding weekend in the luxury of King George’s Hotel. Kept it old style! We believe our whole life together after wedding day is honeymoon, we always try to keep it interesting by doing small special things!!

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