Gamuchirai & Passmore

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A Stylish Affair

Passmore and Gamuchirai came together as one in a ceremony at the most spectacular venue in Muldersdrift: Memoire. This was the day they had been waiting for since their initial meeting at a shopping mall while doing their ordinary Saturday shopping.

The couple wrote their own vows, and Gamuchirai’s included the heartfelt words: “I prayed to God for a companion who could understand me and accept me as I am and for a special friend who would share laughter and tears and faithfully, He sent me Passmore Gutura.”

“You make my world go round… I want to grow old with you,” said Passmore in his vows. Passmore, ever the romantic, proposed in an elite Johannesburg Spa. What Gamuchirai initially thought was only going to be a couple’s massage turned out to be one of the most special moments in her life, topped off with champagne in a Jacuzzi.

The wedding day then followed 13 months later and was a stylish affair. Everyone looked fabulous, with the groom and his boys bringing their ‘A’ game and the bride looking breathtaking in her dress. After their months of planning everything was pulled off immaculately, from the décor to the music. It was a day that neither will ever forget.

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