Fiona & Aubrey

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Where and how did you meet?

We met at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in 2008 when we were both students and doing our practicals there. We became friends. Aubrey would sometimes assist me with my schoolwork as he was my senior.We officially started dating in 2010.

How did he propose?

Aubrey is a culturally orientated man, so in 2013 he paid his respects to both our families by paying lobola. He wrote a letter home letting the elders know when he would becoming to pay his respects.

Please provide a short description of your wedding.
On the day I was nervous about whether everything would go according to plan, but I was also happy to be united with my ‘Bubu’. Aubrey was calm. When I arrived at the venue, I realised that it was actually happening. My bridesmaids looked lovely; my coordinator was such a blessing.The ceremony itself was very intimate, I almost cried. Then, at the reception, our programme director made everyone laugh so hard.The first dance was so special, the catering and drinks were great and the décor was the talk of the day.

If you could change anything about your wedding what would it be?

I wouldn’t dare change anything; the day was all we dreamed of and more.

Tackle Registry Returns
Stop trying to convince yourself that two blenders may actually come in handy – just bite the bullet and return registry items within two months of your wedding. While stores are likely to be lenient with couples who’ve registered with them, each store will have a different return policy, so research who will accept what, and for how long.

Change Your Name (If You’ve Decided To!)
If you do choose to change your name, it’s a good idea to change all of your IDs within 90 days of getting married. This includes your driver’s license, passport, and credit cards.

Give Everyone Your New Address
If your marriage involved a move, it’s perfectly fine to send a mass email or an e-card with your new address.

Order Your Wedding Photos
On your first anniversary, wouldn’t you love to watch your wedding video and flip through your album? Don’t put off your photo selection and video requests too long! Most photographers and videographers issue a standard contract that gives you six months to a year to select album photos and edit footage for your video. If you don’t, you may have to pay extra.

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