Boitumelo & Zami

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Where and how did you meet?

We met in 2004 when we worked for the same company.

We were introduced by a mutual friend. We were friends for about five years before we dated. He actually asked me out for a good two years before I accepted!

How did he propose?

We spoke about getting married a few months after dating and around a year later Zami sent a letter to my family asking for my hand in marriage. Then, when he was in Germany two weeks later, he sent members of his family to mine to discuss lobola. On the day of the lobola, he came back with a ring.

Please provide a short description of your wedding day.

IMPECCABLE! The weather was on our side. There was no stress at all, everything was on point!

If you could change one thing about your wedding day, what would it be?

Honestly, there is nothing we would change. Our loved ones were there, I had my kids and my best friend by my side and he was looking hot… I was on cloud 10. The day went by so fast. Our wedding planner, Ayanda Mavundla, was out of this world.

What was the highlight of your day?

My highlight was the CANDY BAR.

How did it feel to finally stand next to each other as husband and wife?

It felt right, it felt awesome, I felt complete. I’ve never been so happy.

Where did you go on honeymoon?

We are going to attend Beyoncé: The Formation World Tour in Switzerland.

What advice would you give to a bride-to-be?

Plan ahead! Execute and enjoy. There is nothing more frustrating for you as a bride than stressing and running around a day before, or on, your Big Day. Remember, marriage is a sacred union!

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