Viola Chan Collection

by Aug 13, 20190 comments

Bride&co would like to commemorate Women’s month with a launch of a collection from a phenomenal woman, Viola Chan, who is internationally recognised for her exceptional creations in bridal and eveningwear.

The collection is inspired by iconic women around the world who are bold, free spirited and independent whilst remaining soft, nurturing and whimsical in nature. The items cater for every type of woman, women who are modern and edgy as well as women who appreciate a more classic and timeless piece.

Viola Chan is best known for her signature sophisticated gowns and red carpet feel to the bridal ranges however her 2019 collection will also introduce some retro styles with a pinch of colour and follow trends such as spaghetti straps, playful drama skirts low backs and slits Her designer gowns bring edge, sophistication and a red carpet feel to the bridal industry.

The collection will be available in all the Bride&Co stores nationwide, from the 9th of August 2019

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