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A list of all our favourite wedding trends that you need to know before you start planning your wedding…

Balloon brilliance

Balloon walls are all the rage – they provide a unique, fun, versatile backdrop to your wedding photographs. Creating a wall of balloons helps to fill any large space at a much more cost-effective rate than a floral wall. The wall can be a solid colour to match your décor or an elaborate design such as a pattern. Remember to love the environment, so when choosing balloons, make sure you go for the biodegradable options.

Picture: Austin Malema 

G&T time

The gin trend is here to stay, so why not opt for a gin bar station to add bit of spirit to your special occasion? South Africa produces some amazing craft gins, and local is lekkar. The drink station can also be a fun interactive space as guests socialise while making their own gin cocktail. Gin bars are perfect for the wedding reception phase or just after the ceremony when photos are being taken and the guests have a bit of time to themselves.

Go green

One of our favourite trends this year is greenery – and lots of it. Supplement fabric drapery for greenery installations to create a beautiful natural effect.The greatest thing about greenery being so in style is that it is also an inexpensive option when considering décor and floral arrangements.

All that glitters

Add some glitz and glamour to your wedding by including metallic accents throughout your décor. Don’t be afraid to go bold, mix different metallics or think outside the box for a dazzling effect. Copper is especially big right now, so pair it with clean white finishes for a contemporary urban wedding vibe.

Cape couture

Shake things up a little and dare to be different by wearing a wedding dress with a cape – this season is all about taking risks and being bold. Capes add fabulous layers to the overall affect of your gown and can be ultra-stylish and chic. A full length bridal cape or shorter capelet is the perfect alternative to a veil. Think princess meets catwalk model.

Delicious I dos

Skip the traditional tiered wedding cake in favour of a deliciously decadent dessert table – pack it with candy, doughnuts, parfaits, cupcakes and other sweet temptations. Having a selection of desserts offers an interesting variety (catering for your guests’ different tastes) and also an opportunity to move away from the tradition of a tiered, expensive wedding cake. Remember to be bold, be creative and add your personality into every aspect of the wedding.

Flower power

If you are looking for something unique to add to your wedding decor, paper flowers offer a quirky, cost effective way to add your personality, playfulness and color to your wedding decorations. Add a bit of drama by including oversized flowers in your bouquet or centrepieces.


With Ultra Violet voted as Pantone’s ‘Colour of the Year’ for 2018, Pongrácz launched Noble Nectar, which is already a style icon. The beautifully shaped, purple-hued, glow-in-the-dark bottle stands out and takes being on-trend to a whole new level. This gorgeous bubbly is an elegant and distinctive Méthode Cap Classique –aperfect choice to impress your guests.

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