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Having trouble making the Groom’s outfit original yet classic? Here’s a little guideline as to how you can keep on trend, but also stay suave.

The Classic

This is the traditional groom. A three-piece suit, tailored with a slim fit and an additional accessory, either a bow-tie or or colourful handkerchief. adding these elements keeps the outfit original, even if it is the traditional option. Opt for a darker colour in this look, this gives your bride the opportunity to shine, but is also complimentary to you in photographs. Not to mention, darker colours are great for the transition from day to night, so you can keep the party going and still stand out.

The Stand-Out

Change up the colour, add patterns, and a modern shoe et voila – you have yourself a stand out groom. This look is a fun take on the classic, by adding the personality of the groom to his suit. This trend is modern and innovative, if you’re getting your suit specially tailored, don’t be afraid to add an unconventional pattern or material. (Silk suits can actually look good!) Beware of colour clashes with this trend. If you’re opting for a suit of a brighter colour, keep your accessories darker and simpler. Let the suit speak for itself. Keep your grooming neat, as anything out of place could distract from you as the groom, your big day, or even worse, your bride!

The Cultured

Welcome to the trend that is taking the continent by storm. We believe more than anything that incorporating your traditions in to your white wedding, are what weddings in post-modern Africa should be about. Be proud of who you are. If you’re wanting to mix it up, don’t overdo the western look. You can add a good blazer jacket and opt for less accessories, or one stand out traditional piece should do the job.

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