Ntozinhle Accessories

by Feb 22, 20170 comments

The perfect addition to your jewellery box for your big day!

One of the highlights of our last issue was our covershoot, where we took the modern white wedding and interpreted with African flare.

What helped bring the vision to light were the eclectic colours that practically popped of the pages. These colours were thanks to an all South African brand of accessories called Ntozinhle Accessories. Now a popular accessory brand that brings traditional accessories in to the light of the instagram age, Ntozinhle accessories has pieces that suit almost every occasion. From formal to casual, dripping from your neck or tinselling off your ears, the accessories are a must!

Walk down the aisle at umcimbi womshado, or at your white wedding donned in the accessory brand that can do both. For a better look at the accessories, head to

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