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Sign up for LOVEABLES, an all new online registry and gifting solution that’s worth knowing!

Meet one half of the mother-daughter duo that’s changing the way you register for your wedding! Sue Lederle is bringing us “LOVEABLES“, a new online registry solution launching this month! 

LOVEABLES is an all new gifting solution, created by Sue Lederle and Tammy Holmes. With experts in interior design forming part of the LOVEABLES team, the website is here to distinctively help you with what you need on your registry, making LOVEABLES the “fairy godmother of gifting!” We’re closing in on the last few days of the countdown to the launch, and in all our excitement, we’ve got a sneak peek of what you can expect from the site. We also got to know Sue ahead of the LOVEABLES launch, and she answered all of our newlywed and registry questions!

How did you come up with the concept for “LOVEABLES”?

We are seeing that people are getting married later than in previous years, and as a result, they often get together with two homes of furniture and objects. It’s how to put this together that is a big task and also to identify what is missing.

With me assisting my now daughter-in-law with selecting items for their wedding registry, and Tam (my daughter) going through her own wedding choices,we found that it was very difficult to make an informed decision if you don’t have any assistance. With the interior input that we (LOVEABLES) can offer we could make sure that gifts are chosen with the right use in mind. Along with this, we found that the presentation of the gifts online was very boring and didn’t allow for guests to get excited about their purchases for the wedding couple. For these reasons, we started LOVEABLES.

How does one decide on a colour palette for their home?

We are fortunate that we live in a world where we have design, colour and creative inspiration around every corner, however this can become overwhelming.

It’s important to remember that your home’s colour palette is a personal choice, however identifying key items to accentuate this palette is what is important. At LOVEABLES we hope to assist the bride with her chosen colour palette and finding items that is true to them, all while adding interior value to the final look  & feel.

An exclusive service you provide is the assistance of interior designers for design or redesign of a space. How did you choose the team of designers that assist with the brand?

I have been successful in running my own interior design business for 30 years and my team makes up a large part of this. Deborah has worked with me on numerous projects and Brandon, with a background in fabric and interior design, will be assisting us with LOVEBALES.  Tam has been involved with many of my décor projects and will be launching her own décor side, Ivy Décor, this year. She too will be involved in the consulting and sourcing for LOVEABLES.

In terms of local decor / homeware, who are you in collaboration with and how did the collaboration come about?

We have many suppliers that we have sourced gorgeous goods from for many years – depending on the couple’s taste we would have lots of options to choose from. However, my existing style definitely leans towards my favourite suppliers such as Block and Chisel, Victorian House Imports and many others.

How do the themed registries work? And how often should we expect the themes to change?

Other than normal wedding registries, at LOVEABLES we consult and source according to the client’s needs. They (the client) will give us an idea of what they have and what their wishes are by means of photos, mood and inspiration boards, from there, we would source and co-ordinate accordingly. In addition, we pride ourselves on beautiful presentation and would make up all their gifts, load it on to a registry page (on LOVEABLES), after which they can send the link to their guests for purchase. This way the guests will also be super excited about their contribution towards the couple’s happy home!

For those who are already married or living together in a space, what benefits can they find from using LOVEABLES?

Our service will work for anyone who wishes to live in a beautiful home, but doesn’t necessarily have the time or skill to create a beautiful interior space. We will sit down with them, identify their needs, source their items and advise on interior design. They can sit back, relax and enjoy the final reveal!

What do you believe is the difference between a house and a home?

Too many homes do not take on the owners’ personalities and / or have not been put together to achieve the true end result. Adding little touches – unique to them – is what gives the house a hear; and that changes everything. You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune, it could be a few fun items that change the entire setting.

How are you prepared for the possibility that someone cannot find what they are looking for on the website? If they were to communicate this to us we would source wherever possible. Being that we do this all the time for our big clients, we know what is out there and would, within reason, know where to source for them. Alternatively we would suggest something else that would work.

How frequently should one update the interior look and feel of their home?

I don’t feel one has to constantly change but one has to add to one’s home and possibly even move furniture around for a new look. Place items that have happy memories of travels done, find a bargain at a market and change things up a little.

In fact, even just changing the scatter cushions can change an entire room!

Keep your eyes on for when the website launches! Or check out their Facebook page!

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