Les Fleurs

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Our esteemed Flower Editor, Otto de Jager, offers a selection of imaginative and unique floral combinations that emphasise brightness, boldness and gorgeous colour

Berry Blush

This is a fusion of red on red with a hint of berry purple. Berries, seeds and roses combined with scratched waxed containers create an explosion of autumn reds. The look is busy, but toned down by using the same pallete of reds. For ease of reference let’s call this, ‘red on red’. Think ice cream, think Campari, think raspberry or pomegranate.


Karoo Landscape

Pepper seeds, succulents, indigenous leaves and twigs all combine to create a lushness. This demonstrates the abundance of simplicity, or in other words, scarcity meets abundance. Think harvest table, think Graaf-Reinet, think beautiful cognac brandy and dessert wine. Imagine lamb chops, all things Karoo.


A majestic approach to flower arranging. Oxblood and gold is a perfect combination for any king or queen. This formal approach illustrates richness, abundance and opulence; it’s for the discerning eye that enjoys the classic. Think Versailles, think Buckingham Palace, think of titles such as HRH (Her Royal Highness), or Sir or Lady or Prince or Princess. In other words, ‘fit for a queen’.

The abundance of Autumn

Mystical charm to ward off evil spirits (oranges spiked with cloves) Combined with the simplicity of rock roses and other fruit. Think bold shapes. Think graphic lines and passionate colours combined with delicate porcelain in the same colouring and then add to this a layer of the unexpected. So it’s lotus flower seed, dried oranges and so on.

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