Kobus Dippenaar

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South African born, Kobus Dippenaar is famous for his exquisite bridal gowns…

He is particularly celebrated for his innate ability to distill a client’s best features and then accentuate those with his creations.

Born in 1968, in the Western Cape town of Paarl, Dippenaar unwittingly launched himself into the world of fashion when he began designing high school dance dresses for classmates who couldn’t afford to buy them off the rack. He’s a stylist at heart, he admits. “I see the big picture – everything. I see the makeup, the hair, the mood, the tone, the fabric, the dress, the shoes. It must all work together.”

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This statement is perhaps best reflected in the designer’s meticulous attention to every detail on his gowns. Kobus’ studio is located in the heart of Cape Town, and from here he caters to clients from all over the world. He also participates in various local and European fashion and bridal exhibitions.

wedding fashion
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