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Give Your Skin a Vibrant Glow for Your Wedding Day…

The stress of the build-up to your wedding day can wreak havoc on your skin. You want everything to be perfect but your complexion is not playing along. Sandton Aesthetic Institute (SAI) in Parkmore, has created the Bridal Glow, a single treatment that restores skin functionality, combats oxidative damage and gives your skin a vibrant glow so that you look your best in those photographs you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

To get that perfect glow on your wedding day, SAI recommends you follow a strict homecare regime. You also need to make your therapists aware of skin worries you have, as your wedding day gets nearer. The effort you make now will be well worth the glow on your big day.

What is Bridal Glow?

Bridal Glow is a single session combination treatment package designed to treat dark skin, to enhance skin hydration, improve complexion and even pigmentation and skin tone.

There are two key focus points to consider:

  1. By combining three treatments in a single session we can speed up visible results without any downtime. This means you can still continue planning your wedding without having to find the time for multiple treatments week after week.
  2. If you are having individualised treatments, it is vital that your skin type, skin tone and skin health is taken into consideration. SAI customises each Bridal Glow session based on your skin.

The Bridal Glow is designed to deeply hydrate and create an even complexion by combining three treatments in a single session. They are:

  1. Chemical Peel – We select a peel to speed up exfoliation, eradicate surface pigmentation and create a skin for maximum penetration of the following treatments.
  2. Mesotherapy – We use an individualised cocktail of vitamins to stimulate collagen and elastin induction. This results in a youthful, plump skin as the vitamins create the ideal skin nutrients for ultimate skin cell functioning.
  3. DermaPen HA Mask – This mask drives skin hydration into the deepest layers of the skin. Skin hydration provides the skin the means to fight off stress and oxidative damage and also assists in optimising skin function to improve skin tone and complexion.


Visit SAI for a complete skin assessment to evaluate any troublesome areas and compare them to your skin goals. At this stage, you will be given a homecare regime and you will have the choice of selecting treatments to correct wrinkles using dermal fillers or botulinum toxin and/or more aggressive chemical peels to even pigmentation issues. The homecare regime will most likely consist of a cosmeceutical grade exfoliator, cleanser, moisturiser plus a serum to help prepare your skin for the Bridal Glow.


A follow-up skin assessment takes place to ensure your skin matrix is improving in the key areas identified during the initial assessment.


Undergo a three-for-me laser and peel treatment. This consists of a chemical peel selected for your specific skin tone and type, followed by Max G laser treatments and a double pass with a non-ablative laser… all in a single session. This single combination protocol will target deep pigmentation, provide skin lift for a youthful, plump appearance and allow your skin to be fully recovered before you walk down the aisle.


Visit SAI to undergo the Bridal Glow treatment. Of course, if time or budget is of the essense, then the single Bridal Glow treatment session will absolutely sufficient to get you deeply hydrated and glowing skin with a perfect, even complexion.

For more information or an individualised wedding skin preparation calendar, please make an appointment at SAI by calling 011 883 311.

Led by the internationally acclaimed Dr Alastair Clark, the team at SAI are trained to establish an individualised treatment protocol for you. Meet the Team:

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SAI are giving away a Bridal Glow treatment to one lucky reader. The treatment involves a Peel, a Mesoglow Treatment and a 3D Mask. Done 7 to 10 days before your Big Day. Value of this awesome prize is R1 800.

How to Enter:

  1. Email:, with Bridal Glow in the subject line.

  2. Also, please go to: and fill in the free online skin assessment.

Competition closes 20th March.

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