How to furnish your love-nest

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Just Married! …now comes the stress of making a home for the two of you.

The home you choose to live in as a newlywed is incredibly important, and is often overshadowed by the wedding itself. Not to worry, we have three tips to help you invest in the right pieces of furniture for your home.

  • Invest in your bed

We spend a third of our lives in bed, more time than you spend at work, more time than you spend in your car – most of our lives. So it seems logical to own a quality bed. You should take a lot more time and energy to pick the right bed, especially since it’s a space that you will be sharing. It’s an intimate space, and place of comfort, so it’s worth it to invest in your bed. For a luxury bed, consider a Sealy Posturepedic. Make sure that you get the bed that suits your needs by making sure that it’s the right sense of comfort for the both of you. There are different textures and qualities of beds, so make sure that you ask your retailer about the different details before you buy the bed.

  • Consider the couch’s purpose
Do you spend hours on the couch? Or only a couple of minutes a day? Are there children in the house? Do you often have meals in front of your TV? When thinking of getting the right couch, you have to consider what the purpose of your couch is and what needs it fulfills. For a cozy messy household, make sure the material of your couch is leather, or even better, you can get yourself a couch with iClean technology (a stain resistant material). LaZboy has incorporated iClean technology in to their new lounge pieces. For a more sophisticated household, consider your colour palette, a neutral toned couch is always a good idea.
  • Make a statement
Always make sure that your home is a figment of who you are as a couple, both individually and together. Use colours to express yourselves. Try a colourful carpet as a centerpiece, or an attractive piece of art. Make sure you also make a good use of your space and atmosphere. If you want to spice up your space, try Grafton Everest’s innovative designs. From recliners with cup holders that heat and cool your drink, to couches that you can plug your music from, they’re definitely ahead in terms of giving your lounge individuality.
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