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by Jan 11, 20170 comments

Life coach, people development professional and Zumba fitness instructor Robynn Niemack offers advice on how to start off the new year on the right foot

Compliments of the new year and fabulous wishes for 2017!

I am certain that you have already “CREATED THE INTENTION” to make this year magical. The power of intention is real! If we can successfully command our thoughts in one area of our lives, we can command our thoughts in other areas as well. The journey to self-mastery starts right here and lifestyle transformation is no different.

Let me quickly throw in a life coaching insight for you. New year’s resolutions, especially weight-loss ones, often fall flat within the first quarter of the year. I believe that, while resolutions start off well, there are a couple of reasons for these attempts being rendered unsuccessful or partly-successful.

Firstly, many individuals don’t attach the anchoring “Why?” or purpose factor to these noble intentions. Often, new year’s resolutions are not crystalised into SMART goals that can be CELEBRATED as milestones are achieved. The third factor is that we are generally not able to coach ourselves past a certain level of motivation or lack thereof, so when life gets hectic (and that is the order of modern day life), we regress instead of progress.

It’s 2017, a magical year for us all, so let’s change our fate from the beginning. In fact, I would like to hear little bit more from you over the next couple of weeks so that we can perhaps:

  • Anchor our resolutions with a “Why?” or the purpose factor. It could be that you are preparing for your Big Day, and as you might or might not be aware, we are setting the wheels in motion for FIT & FABULOUS BRIDE, our first dance-based lifestyle challenge for brides-to-be.
  • Crystalise these resolutions into SMART goals that you can attain. This will give you something to CELEBRATE.
  • Introduce some self-coaching mechanisms to sustain the process beyond the initial quarter of the year.


Watch this space for more details on FIT & FABULOUS BRIDE! This promises to be a lifestyle challenge that is fun, interactive and extremely exciting. You will learn how to nourish your body effectively, sustain your energy, strengthen your body and ensure flawless skin on and beyond your wedding day. You will reach your lifestyle goals and maintain your results as you manage your time, master your emotions, improve physical fitness and mental well-being while getting ready to dance the night away at your wedding. You will be that Nubian goddess draped with elegant beauty as you move with poise and grace down the aisle. Say YES to the best YOU!

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Keep fit and stay fabulous!

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