Behind The Wedding: Tracy Brandford

by Jul 3, 20172 comments

Meet Tracy Branford from Trunk Events – Wedding Planner extraordinaire…



Tracy is the founder and events planner for Trunk Events, a wedding coordination company. A hands on director of events, Tracy and her team are there to make sure that your wedding hits off without a glitch. Planning a R1 Million destination wedding should be a mammoth task, however Tracy and her team pulled it off, leaving our R1 Million wedding winners, Thato & Swazi, with impeccable memories and a gorgeous wedding overall.

For more on Trunk Events, head over to the website.

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  1. Lincoln Stephen

    Just about every bride wants flowers at her wedding ! Nowadays, you don’t really see any weddings without flowers at them. It’s easy enough to participate or watch a gate crash happening, but what goes on behind the scenes?

  2. Tracy Branford

    Thank you Nubian Bride & Thato and Swazi for trusting me with this massive day. It was my honour to be involved and I wish to thank all the amazing suppliers and service providers, without whom this day woudl not have been possible. The Flowers were out of this world! God Bless Thato and Nomswazi. May they have many happy years together. Amen!


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