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There is so much to love about the ‘50s; rock ‘n roll was born, swingy skirts and dresses with thousands of layers were in fashion, Formica was on trend, Audrey Hepburn was Hollywood glam and jukeboxes were the life of the party! This is exactly what a themed wedding should be; fun, exciting, quirky and positive.

One of the greatest things about the ‘50s is that we are all likely to know someone who is old enough to remember it. Sit down with your grandparents or close family friends, put the kettle on and have a chat about what life was like back then. You are sure to make them smile and it is a great excuse to see some old photos that could even be used on the day!

Research. When planning a vintage wedding, it is imperative to make the details as era-perfect as possible. Today we have access to quite literally thousands of images to inspire us.

Invites A fun way to introduce the theme is by starting with the invitations. You can have bespoke invites designed that immediately hint at the idea of the vintage-inspired theme. Request (but don’t insist) that guests dress in ‘50s attire as this will absolutely get them into the spirit of things, not to mention make your wedding photos fun!

Photos We can’t stress enough the importance of good props. Think of every photo that will be taken, of all the little details. After all, you have booked the photographer of your choice, so make the most of it! This is also a great excuse to drag your fiancé and bridesmaids along for a fun day out looking for props!

Food With themed weddings being a little less traditional, opt for a playful menu incorporating popcorn, mini-hamburgers, corn dogs and pizzas, milkshakes, candy floss and a cupcake station.

Entertainment We don’t recommend that the music be exclusively ‘50s-inspired, but it should play a big part in the day. Opt for a nonstop ‘50s soundtrack as background music and perhaps even have a vintage gramophone for guests to play with later on. For the evening, you could hire a live band that specialises in ‘50s and ‘60s music, but at the end don’t be afraid to mix it up – it is a celebration after all!

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