Win a Honeymoon or Romantic Getaway!

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Win a dream honeymoon valued at R20 000 with Umthunzi Hotel & Conference Centre!

Umthunzi and Nubian Bride are giving you the chance to win your dream honeymoon or even second honeymoon at the value of R20000! All you have to do is fill in your details below, and it could be you winning a luxurious honeymoon at Umthunzi Hotel.

• 5 nights’ accommodation on a
• Bed & Breakfast basis
• Sunday to Thursday night in the
• Honeymoon suite – availability dependant
• A Romantic Seafood Dinner in your room on
one evening
• Bottle of bubbly on arrival
• Couples’ Full Body Massage during stay with
the Pamper Girls
• Please Note: This is for a Self-Drive holiday
only. Extras to be settled on Departure

Enter your details below and you could be a winner. To increase your chances of winning, LIKE both Nubian Bride and Umthunzi Hotel & Conference Centre on Facebook. 

Competition closes 31 October 2017.

Win A Honeymoon Entry

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  1. Lauren Kerr

    My handsome man and I have 5 children between us, so no spare finances to afford a dream wedding. We had a very unofficial but wild Gypsy Jungle Wedding at a recent music festival, more of a Promise ceremony than anything else, with rings bought from a market stall 😍, although the lead singer of the band who announced us ‘man And wife’ was legal to marry us, we had no paperwork to legalize it. We would love to blend our families officially with a proper wedding involving all 5 kids, family and friends.

  2. Thulisile Massingue

    My fiance paid lobola(bride price) on the 2nd of September 2017.We are planning for our wedding to be next year March. We are currently furthering our studies, work and still on phase1 of wedding preparations, in short we are a multi-tasking young couple at the moment. Winning this honeymoon, it will really mean a lot to us.

  3. Jacqueline Grootboom

    Me and my husband got married 2 months ago, but due to retrenchments and m being fulltime student we were unable to go on honeymoon. My husband and I really needs this time away alone.

  4. Nombifuthi

    Me and my Fiancé are over the moon for such a great wonderful completion if we win this life time marvelous holiday it will mean more knowing each other and getting closer to my lovely Zambian Man

  5. Nombullolo Mokhali

    we are getting married on the 30rd December 2017 it will really be an honour for us to win and how on honeymoon in the new year. I never thought wil get maried bt God made it possible Thanking you in advance

  6. Lebo

    With the up and downs we have and unemployment, this would be good for me and bubu 😍😘

  7. colleen

    dear Nubian Bride. i gotmarried to my loving and caring husband on the 23 september2017,on the day of our wedding i was admitted in hospital luckily got discharged around 11h00. from hospital into a wedding gown….to cut the story short i had a wonderful day and i would like to seal off my wedding experience with a honeymoney. my husband works in kimberly and i work in JHB; the honey moon will give us an opportunity to spend undesruptive time together whilst reflecting on the joyous of a blissfull marriage. #colleenWedsIke#nubian bride#

  8. Jenn S

    One the 07January 2018 my husband and i will celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. We have not been on honeymoon as yet so it would mean so much to us if we won 😊.

  9. Agnes Mbalathi

    Wow Nubian bride is just amazing. Thank u somuch for trying to make couples dreams a reality. We met in June 2015 at some get together and exchanged numbers. We’ve been postponing our date for full 8mnths. Finally we went out on February 2016. The next day after our date he told me how much he loves me and all i could say was: lets see how it goes. He paid bride price in October and we got engaged the very same months. And we getting married on the 21st October 2017 and i must say its been very tough on us since we have a huge family. We compromised our honeymoon because we want our family members to be there, its sad but we realised fimily is ver important and should come first. These honeymoon will bring alot of joy in our lives and a release of stress i must say.

  10. Julie

    Would Love to bring back that sparkle and reignite that Passion after 20 years #InTheNameOfLove #LoveIsInTheAir ❤💎😍

  11. Talia

    My fiancé and I would love to win this for our honeymoon. We are getting married on the 9th December 2017 and cannot accommodate a lavish honeymoon due to finances being tight as we have two toddlers ( 4 year old and a 1 year old)

    Please pick us 🙂

  12. Deborah Botha

    I would like this for my mother in law, who is recently married, however her new husband has just had a heart by pass. So this would be a wonderful gift for them.

  13. Angelique

    This would be such an amazing honeymoon (getaway) for me and my husband. I wad three months pregnant on our wedding day. Not a day that goes by that I regret it. What I did wish for, was a honeymoon with my husband. Now that baby is a bit older, she can stay with granny. My husband on the other hand really deserves this. He is such an amazing husband and daddy. It would make me so happy if I could surprise him with a honeymoon like this.

    Kind regards

  14. Nadeera Van Wyk

    On the 14 April 2018 we get to become husband and wife, exactly the same day he asked me out 11 years ago.

    From all the planning weddings are expensive, we bought a house and that was R60 000 in lawyers fees just like that.

    I would really love to surprise Barry with this, it seems like our type of travel lifestyle. Pack a bag, book a bnb and hit the road.

    Our wedding venue is the sentry by mantis in Port Elizabeth!

  15. Charl

    Thank you for this amazing prize that you are givig away. I would love to win this honeymoon as I can not afford a honeymoon. I have found an amazing soon to be wife who takes care of me and my 4 year old son. I have never thought I could ever fond someone who really loves with all her heart and soul. She is amzing everything that I ever wanted and more. Her beauty is like the morning sunrise. I would love to take her to this beautifull place. #nubianbride#

  16. Ilene

    This will be the perfect gift for us as we can not afford a honeymoon when we get hitched. this will be everything that we ever dreamt of. this is an amazing place. We would give anything to win this prize.

  17. Layne

    Not yet engaged but this is terribly needed…

  18. Gwendoline

    This would make any couple’s dream come true! #NubianBride

  19. Thembi

    I am married for years and I haven’t had a honeymoon since we cannot afford one,so this will be a wonderful gift for me.

  20. Michelle

    travel and chill time will be most welcomed

  21. Stephania Dalleave

    This would be amazing to win for my honeymoon. My fiancé and I are getting married next year June 2018 😍

  22. Indelible Majola

    My husband and I didn’t have our dream wedding due to financial constraints but our wedding was a dream come true non the less. It’s been a blissful first year of marriage. I’ve always dreamt that we can have our honeymoon when things pick up financially. This would be a great way for us to unwind and just counts our blessings once more. I wish all those who entered the best of luck!

  23. Chandre

    Good day.

    This is really an amazing competition to win would be amazing my fiance and I am busy planning our wedding at the moment.

    Thank you

  24. Rachelle M Garretson

    Wow! What a blessing this would be. We have been married 10 years. We did not have a honeymoon. 4 children, ages 22, 20, 18 and 9. Our first trip together wasn’t until we started our own non profit organization. We travel to the DRCongo. We are restoring the hope and lives of women and children survivors of sexual violence. A paradise getaway would be AMAZING. Thank you for this opportunity.


  25. yvonne

    Wooow amazing, thank you for this opportunity. This is a very good way to start a new life. Patiently waiting on this.

    Thank you

  26. Dz

    Thank you very much for this amazing opportunity. As everyone on here, we would love to go on a honeymoon, but may the winner be an amazing couple who needs it most. Best wishes to all.

  27. Mabore Petja

    Wow what a perfect way to start marriage life with,after 15 years of relationship,this will give us another spark.Love my fiancee and would love to give him a honeymoon surprise,since he is the one paying for everything cause im not working.

  28. Sphindile

    Thank you for the amazing opportunity. My husband to be would be very surprised and happy too. Between having to do all the necessary traditional ceremonies and finally preparing for our wedding day our budget has been stretched to the max, we course use with this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity.

  29. Palesa

    Wow what an awesome opportunity. Thank you so much.
    With the lobola negotiations being finalized, winning this wedding competition would be a dream. Hhmmm and this will allow me to take care of other things such as the kids, the house, and the future husband. #giggles #dreamwedding #nubianbride

  30. Lihle

    We would love to win this competition. Between planning a wedding, having a newborn baby and trying to buy a new house, our budget has been stretched to the max. It would mean the world and be a great surprise for my future hubby to win this.

  31. Mathildah

    Wow i would really lpve to win this…black weddings are very costly coz you just can’t leave anyone out. It’s not in our culture and lobola was a lot of money and we had to buy a house recently because we were both renting sooo this gift would be blessing. Thank you so much for the opportunity

  32. Liezel

    Thank you for the opportunity to have something given back to us when all we have done is give without any hesitation.

  33. Bucie

    This would be a nice surprise for my hubby to be.
    I am so hopeful.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  34. Zander Gerber

    Thank you for the opportunity, I’ve never won anything… Yet! Haha Will be an amazing surprise for both me and my soon-to-be-wife!

  35. Keelan

    Thank you for the opportunity

  36. Sharon Kanhanda

    Thank you for this opportunity, I hope my Fiance and I will win because our wedding is near and the money for a decent honeymoon is not there. Fingers crossed***

  37. Joanne

    In todays life getting married is so much stress and worrying that all would be good, that a awesome getaway like this would be amazing. Good luck to all. What a awesome honeymoon it would be.

  38. Sianne Giltrow

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity. Doesn’t look like my Fiance’ and I will even be having a honeymoon straight after our wedding in March 2018 as we are in the process of buying a house so winning this would just be a treat =)

  39. Ronet

    Wow, this is amazing. Will love to surprise hubby to be with a nice romantic honeymoon. Thx for the oppertunity to enter

  40. Estelle

    I’m so exited about this great opportunity of winning a honeymoon. Thank you sooo much

  41. Robyn

    I absolutely love Umthunzi and the south coast.My husband and I never had a proper honeymoon and would love to stay at Umthunzi got hour 11tg wedding anniversary.

  42. Shamira

    Wow, this is such an amazing prize, it’s our 6th wedding anniversary and 13th year together. This would be a dream get away. We would love the honor of winning this, praying for this after the hectic year we have had, GOD is good thou all the time
    GOD bless
    We haven’t had the privilege of staying at Umthunzi Hotel, we would love to experience this romantic getaway

  43. Grace

    Oh this would be such a treat
    In need for a romantic getaway

  44. Brenda Corke

    My husband and I are married 20 years this year. We never had the opportunity of a honeymoon. It would be amazing if we were the lucky one’s to win the competition.

  45. Sanelisiwe

    I stayed at Umthunzi Hotel last year to attend the Ugu Jazz Festival. I fell in love with the Hotel then. My favourite part about my stay was the food and lovely pool area. The Hotel is also very secure. I just recently got engaged and my fiance and I were considering this venue as a wedding venue. I would love to win a romantic getaway for me and my fiance. *Crossing fingers*

  46. Vivian

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter. We can wait for the honeymoon.

    God bless

  47. lungi

    Thank you for offering such a generous prize. This is my second edition of Nubian Bride and I am looking forward to the next and the next edition, even after my wedding.

    It has actually sparkled an interesting idea in my mind which I am still thinking about.

    Thank you once again.

  48. Itumeleng

    Good day

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter such an amazing competition. It’s really beautiful. My fiancè and I are really hopeful.

    Stay blessed


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