Wedding Day Fragrance

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Wedding Day fragrance focus – Stella McCartney POP Bluebell.

This month, the fragrance literally pops! It’s Stella McCartney’s latest creation, POP Bluebell and we’re giving away a 50ml bottle of the scent to one lucky reader.

Stella McCartney is becoming as famous for her iconic fragrance line as for her exquisite fashion collections. The latest addition to the POP range is POP Bluebell, epitomising everything that is the modern woman – Bold. Authentic. Irreverent. The perfume has a deeper purpose than previous scents: it embraces sustainability, individuality and a new kind of beauty.

Whereas POP celebrates uniqueness, authenticity and adventure, POP Bluebell takes these qualities one step further. It’s more assertive and self-assured. As Stella McCartney explains, the bluebell is very beautiful, but its principal quality is strength. POP Bluebell’s metallic purple evokes dusk, twilight, the excitement of the day. It’s in sharp contrast to the original, more playful hot pink of POP. It’s thoughtful, dauntless, a free spirit. Young in years, yet a wise soul.

Stella McCartney has captured all of these elements in this delicate, yet distinctive fragrance, bringing a new balance, depth and personality to the original sandalwood and tuberose found in POP. The new iteration has a sensual sandalwood base. It’s feminine without being fragile, bold but balanced, and makes a statement without ever having to raise its voice.

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