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The last blog of the year from Robynn Niemack, a life coach, people development professional and Zumba fitness instructor who is now part of the Nubian Bride team

I hope you’re still keen to beat the bulge this holiday.

Initially I thought we would sink our teeth into Christmas lunch, but I had a change of heart. That is definitely not the day to be obsessing about meal planning and calorie monitoring. Now, this is not a license to eat yourself into a total oblivion.

I almost forgot… Please allow me to brag for a few seconds. Since we last interacted, I’ve lost a kilo and half, a complete rarity at this time of the year. So I’m not selling you a fake fantasy here. Beating the Bulge over December is possible – even when you are wining, dining and partying at year-end functions. I gave you the tip last time: dance at these gatherings. You will create lasting memories while you’re setting the calories ablaze!

Now let me give you some insight into the 12-week lifestyle challenge that we have for the period January to April 2017. We agreed that we were looking for longevity here. I said, and I quote: “I know you want your bridal glow to radiate through to life beyond the wedding.” I’m certain that still stands.

Weight-loss is probably a high priority, but we added toned arms, a flatter tummy, a firmer booty and defined calves to that list. As we know that ‘girls just wanna have fun’, we have opted for a dance-based lifestyle challenge. It makes sense for a bride-to-be to achieve her lifestyle goals while learning to dance for her Big Day. Bear in mind that you are celebrating lifestyle milestones to set the tone for your wedding. You don’t want to be a wallflower on the one day you get to toss the bouquet.

So here are the elements that we will be focusing on during this 12-week journey:

  • Nutrition & Vitality
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Muscle Toning & Flexibility
  • Core strength & Posture
  • Dance Classes with Katz School of Dance
  • Beauty: Skin & Hands
  • Mental & Emotional Wellness.

We have every reason to be excited about this one. It’s jam- packed with all the goodness that a woman needs. Let’s connect!


You commit 90 days to a healthier, more radiant you!

This package is R2,500 (Value: R6,000)

Package Includes:

  • 12 Group Coaching Sessions
  • 12 Dance Lessons (Salsa, Kisomba, Burlesque)
  • 12 Express Zumba Fitness Sessions
  • 12 Express Ballet Barre Sessions

Prizes up for grabs!

Book now by mailing Robynn

It’s the season to be fabulous! See you next year… Cheers!

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