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Sebastian Professional Introduces TWISTED…

source of elasticity for curls.

Building on the tradition of pushing creative boundaries, Sebastian Professional has once again brought innovation to the hair care industry with the introduction of a line of Sebastian products, developed with treasures from the deep sea. Not only one product, but a whole line-up dedicated to curls created to source curly hair with the same elasticity as underwater plants.

Created by Sebastian Global Artistic Directors, Michael Polsinelli and Shay Dempsey, Twisted joins the iconic line-up of Sebastian Professional products that define what’s next in hair fashion and encourage self-expression. Women now want to embrace their natural curls as a statement of their identity. Today, Sebastian embraces the curl phenomenon and offers them a solution designed to enhance their natural beauty and make them proud of their curls.

“There was something about the ocean that intrigued us. It’s so beautiful, so powerful, and it has an untapped innocence.”Michael Polsinelli, Sebastian Global Art Director.

In the hidden depths of the oceans, tangled underwater plants, evolved over millennia, have developed a unique bio mechanism to survive nature’s most extreme forces and follow the waves of the ocean. By tapping into these mechanisms, Sebastian uncovers the secret of long-lasting moisture, bounce and elastic flexibility in a new technology for curly hair.

The ground-breaking new technology, Flexi-Alg Complex forms an elastic coating around each individual hair to improve bounce while sealing-in moisture and defining the locks. The result: elastic flexibility, bounciness, moisture, anti-frizz and definition for curls and waves.

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